Moving for Climate NOW is an initiative to create awareness at the international level on the importance of acting now against climate change. It is also the story of a journey: one undertaken by a group of experts, on electric bicycles, to deliver a message on the urgency of uniting to combat climate change to the Climate Summits (COP). Since COP21 in France, Moving for Climate NOW has travelled more than 4,500 km and built a network of more than 190 participants from a variety of areas of influence across its sixth in-person editions. In 2021 it has completed its 6th edition, arriving to the COP26 held in Glasgow under the Presidency of the UK in partnership with Italy.

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Meet the Team

We present the people from different organisations and countries who form the committed team of cyclists that have pedalled for the climate.

COP26 Edition

Our COP26 edition of Moving for Climate NOW has taken our electric bicycle route on a 4-stage trip departing from Edinburgh on Saturday, November 6th and arriving at COP26 in Glasgow on Tuesday, November 9th. Upon arrival at COP26, the team has delivered its Manifesto to the authorities of COP26 and UNFCCC requesting urgent action and determination to increase collective climate ambition and boost progress towards climate neutrality, which is particularly urgent now we have entered the Decade of Action.


During four days, the group of 15 cyclists made up of representatives from international bodies, governments, universities, conservationists and business groups, has covered more than 270 km on electric bikes, some of them stopping off at some of Scotland's most symbolic energy sites to talk about the manifesto.


You can find more details on the journey and on the messages sent by our participants in the section “Messages from the route”.

Moving for Climate Now: Previous Editions

Moving for Climate NOW completed its fifth edition in 2019, with the cycling team having already travelled more than 4,200 kilometres since the first one, which took them from Bilbao to COP21 in Paris in an initiative organized by employees of Iberdrola (Just2Challenge). After then, under the motto Moving for Climate NOW, they have reached the COP22 in Marrakech from Seville, the COP23 in Bonn from Paris, the COP24 in Katowice, Poland, from Vienna and Salamanca-Madrid (COP25). In 2020, we mobilized the Moving for Climate NOW network across the world to deliver our Manifesto virtually during the UNFCCC Climate Change Dialogues 2020.

COP 25
Madrid 2019

COP 24
Katowice 2018

COP 23
Bonn 2017

COP 22
Marrakech 2016

COP 21
Paris 2015

Voices Against Climate Change

Voices Against Climate Change